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In recent years Apple’s sleek and beautiful iPhone has become somewhat of a trend-setting accessory that we use to show off to our friends and co-workers. While the iPhone does make a great entertainment phone, the truth is that the flexibility of design in the iPhone can make it so much more than that.  Thanks to a simple and easy to use design, the iPhone is a great tool for just getting done to business without the learning curve of competitors like the Blackberry RIM. The intuitive menu system takes little time to get used to and thanks to an AppStore featuring more than 50,000 aps there is bound to be software available for any kind of use, including business.

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Out-of-the-box the iPhone offers a great SMS system, a powerful email tool, and a robust contact manager. Staying in touch with clients and co-workers is no chore with the iPhone. Beyond the phone calling capabilities it also offers a powerful camera and video recorder for those moments when you need to capture a picture of your presentation and send it to your boss, for example. The iPhone also offers a great video-conferencing solution and thanks to iMessage you can send free messages to other co-workers who have an iOS 5 device.

It’s clear that even without any added programs the iPhone offers an attractive package for basic management and business purposes such as email, photos, calls, and note-taking; the great news is that it doesn’t stop there. There are thousands of high-quality apps that can be used for business purposes no matter what kind of operation it is. If you are a door to door salesman or offer a product that takes you away from the office it can be difficult to arrange payment since you can generally only take cash or check in these situations. Thanks to the app iTerminal you can accept credit-card transactions using your iPhone! Although this application does cost $25 a month, for the on-the-go salesman it could very well be worth the investment. Let’s say you aren’t a salesman but own a blog instead. Thanks to aps like the “Analytics App” you can keep track of visitor statistics and bandwidth use right from your phone.

Whether you travel or not there are many reasons why the iPhone can provide you a solid partner for your business needs. The best part about the iPhone is that it can be what you want it to be and once your business is done for the day it doesn’t mean you are done with the iPhone. Once it’s time to unwind the iPhone provides the perfect companion for browsing, socializing, and even playing games. The iPhone is the first real smartphone that provides a powerful solution that isn’t just business or just play.  Apple has created a device that can fit into whatever your life throws at it and no matter what situation you are in, there is likely an app that can help.


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